For Homeschoolers

Singapore Math School offers homeschoolers morning/afternoon math classes. Our homeschool program teaches children to think mathematically rather than just having them memorize the mechanics of problem solving. It lays a solid foundation for conceptual understanding using a three-step process, taking children from concrete, to pictorial, then abstract approaches to learning. Concepts are addressed from a number of directions that challenge students to think and understand.

There are 4 main focus for our Singapore Math after-School classes;

Elementary School Grades: Logic Reasoning and Early Algebraic Thinking

Children can reason better than we thought. In Singapore Math School, we would like students to see connections and patterns, and ultimately to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of math.

In this example for 2nd graders, students need to figure out the value of the fish; using both logic reasoning and early algebraic thinking.

Elementary and Middle School Grades: Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Fluency

Very often, math to students are just about formulas and applying them to the same routine problems again and again. In Singapore Math School, we make math come alive by probing into the “why” with investigations, games and activities. Students do not “just sit and listen”, but are able to inquire deeply into many mathematical concepts in class.

Though it is important to understand “why”, students also need to be fluent in computation to focus on the challenges of problem solving. In our school, equal emphasis is placed on procedural fluency and conceptual understanding. Procedural Fluency allows the students to direct their attention to higher order thinking, freeing up their working memory from tedious mathematical computation.

Elementary and Middle School Grades: Problem Solving

At the heart of the Singapore Mathematics framework is problem solving. Math is seen as a “vehicle for the development and improvement of intellectual competence”. It is not viewed as a content subject, or students as vessels to be filled. In Singapore Math School, topics are carefully chosen and they are taught deeply to stimulate intellectual development and enjoyment. Expectations are set high and students are guided through thoughtfully selected problems. The goal is for students to be confident, motivated math thinkers, able to work independently and critically on extended problem sets.

Middle School Grades: Preparing for Advanced High School Math

In middle schools, the Singapore Math curriculum focuses on sound understanding of the concepts behind the procedures, the usefulness and connections between the topics, and mathematically thinking processes such as logical reasoning, thinking skills, applications and modeling.

Middle school curriculum is introduced systematically, focusing on the basics, learning to mastery before moving on the higher order problem solving. The Singapore math middle school curriculum is built upon the research-based Singapore Mathematics Framework, while customizing to the needs of our students and provides students with a solid foundation for advanced High School math.

*The Singapore Mathematics framework is from the Singapore’s Ministry of Education.